The project organized its activities over 3 years in 5 work packages (WPs):

  • WP1- Project Management
  • WP2-WP4 are focused on aspects related to the Research + Development + innovation.
  • WP5 is focused on the communication to large public, dissemination of innovation to stakeholders and exploitation of project results.

The implementation of PRECIMED will be carried out in the pilot farms established in the four countries involved in the project (Algeria, Greece, Spain and Tunisia). The WP2 aims the establishment of end-user´s requirements that will be used to develop the different PRECIMED innovations. These innovations will be performed mainly in WP3 which main goal is to deliver a Decision Support System that fits perfectly the farmer needs assessed through the project. This “Decision Support System” will be validated and tested in the pilot farms previously selected (WP4), considering the versatility for different agricultural conditions. All these activities will be coordinated and guided in WP1 (Project management) in order to achieve the overall objectives.  The WP5 (Communication, dissemination and exploitation) aims to enhance the impact of the project and which activities will involve end-users since the beginning of the project.

  • WP1

Leaders: Mrs. Maria Fernanda Ortuño (CEBAS-CSIC, Spain).

WP1 manages the project. The aim is to enable an efficient coordination and guide the project partners to achieving the overall project objectives while following the directives set by the EC in the PRIMA grant agreement and the consortium regulation provisions set by the consortium agreement. All operational aspects related to activity is controlled by the project Coordinator, which reports to the European Commission and to all Partner Organizations.  He is supported by four main actors in order to ensure the success of the project that are: Technical Manager, an Administrative Manager, a Quality manager and, in order to reflect the importance of innovation strategies to foster new cross-sectoral value chains and the exploitation and communication of project results, PRECIMED puts in place an Innovation, Exploitation and Communication Manager.

  • WP2

Leaders: Nikolaos Katsoulas (UTH, Greece).

the aim of this work package is to establish what are the characteristics and issues related to the agricultural crop production in the Mediterranean basin and the requirements that must be recognized.

  • WP3

Leaders: Antonio Skarmeta (ODIN, spain).  

It aims to perform the Decision Support System development. The goal of these activities is to deliver a demonstration prototype at the end of the project that fits perfectly the farmers needs assessed throughout the project.

  • WP4

Leaders: Khouloud Boukadi (OPTIM, Tunisia).

This work package aims to test the PRECIMED performance in field conditions to evaluate its performance and versatility for different agricultural conditions, and to see the aspects that can be improved so that the precision irrigation is more accurate.

  • WP5

Leaders: Semiani Mohammed (INRAA, Algeria).

This Work package aims to increase the impact of the project through the wide dissemination of project outcomes. Communication activities will also actively support the involvement of end-users in particular for iterative design and development process and business model formulation.

The relations between the different tasks identified are developed in figure 2.


For more information about our project:

María Fernanda Ortuño Gallud
Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura (CEBAS-CSIC)
Campus Universitario de Espinardo, 25, 30100 Murcia, Spain
tel.:+34 968396200; ext.=6329

Antonio F. Skarmeta Gómez

Odin Solution S.L.

C/ Perú 5, 3º piso, oficina 5

30820 Polígono Industrial Oeste, Alcantarilla (Murcia), España.

Tel : +34 902 570 121

E-mail :


Nikolaos Katsoulas

University of Thessaly (UTH)

Tel. : +302421093249

E-mail :         


Semiani Mohammed

National Institute of Agronomique Research of Algeria

2, Avenue des frères Oudek, Hacene Bady, El Harrach, BP 200, Algiers, Algeria

Tel: +213559144581



Khouloud Boukadi

Multimedia, Information systems & Advanced Computing Laboratory-Miracl (http://
Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax (FSEGS)
University of Sfax, Tunisia

Office: +216 74 279 710


The PRECIMED project is financed by a combination of funding coming from PRIMA’s Participating States and, also, from the European Union through the Horizon 2020 programme.