University of Thessaly – LACEC Lab

The Lab. of Agricultural Constructions and Environmental Control (LACEC) of the Department of Agriculture Crop Production and Rural Environment of the University of Thessaly is active in the field of agricultural constructions’ design and equipment, while its research areas include bioclimatology, environmental physics, mainly greenhouse, livestock and storage room climate, greenhouse cover materials, design and equipment, and energy-saving and renewable energy sources in agricultural constructions, greenhouse crop physiology, crop growth modeling, nutrient requirements and management of nutrient solutions for horticultural crops in closed and open hydroponics systems. The LACEC team consists of trained personnel and extensive research facilities, which include fully automated greenhouses, laboratory equipment for the analysis of mass end energy balance in agricultural buildings, various instrumentation for measuring climate variables, and plant physiological activities. LACEC has yet participated in more than 50 National R&D programs on agricultural buildings technology and European and bilateral programs. Visit

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