16-120 Mortising Bit with 1/2 Shank Dia. Freud 7/8

Freud 7/8' (Dia.) Mortising Bit with 1/2' Shank (16-120) - Joinery Router Bits -. Freud 7/8" (Dia.) Mortising Bit with 1/2" Shank (16-120) - Joinery Router Bits -. Cuts all composition materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods. 。 Use on CNC and other automatic routers as well as hand-held and table-mounted portable routers. 。 ’s Mortising Bits are designed with deep center gullets for maximum material removal without chip loading. 7/8" Overall Dia (D), 1-1/2" Carbide Height (h), 1/2" Shank, 2-15/16" Overall Length (H) Ideal For: Mortising hinges & hardware; dadoes. Application: Down shear works to eliminate splintering ideal for hinges, mortises, and dadoes. Made In Italy.。

16-120 Mortising Bit  with 1//2 Shank Dia. Freud 7//8